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SCOTT HARRINGTON is a beguiling slave who wields strange power throughout Gulf, North Carolina. He is as fierce a warrior as the African, Shaka Zulu, and as charismatic and complicated a lover as Giacomo Casanova. Although emancipated by law, dark and dangerous affections hold him captive.

He is perceived as arrogant and distant. His influence over the man who fathered and owns him as a slave is embarrassing. His sexual prowess is irresistible and has proven to be poisonous. He is hated by some, feared by others, and loved by many who are willing to do anything to be close to and loved by him, including resorting to witchcraft and plotting murder.

Scott Harrington’s life is the clash between slavery and freedom; love and hate; peace and war; the acceptable practice of Christianity and the taboo practices of Roots, Voodoo, and Witchcraft. Slavery is his point of reference, and he uses it to lure, conquer, control and exact revenge. Love him or hate him; your will never forget him. Buy e-copy of this book now at www.amazon.com. ($10.00 USD)




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