Just published Podcast #10 with Pamela Reaves discussing the contrast between real loving relationships and Toxic negative attachments some find themselves in. The results can be blissful in love and/or downright dangerous in others. How to Identify the good and negative ones and suggestions for getting out while you can. Great job Pam you really crushed the interview.Here is the link


On July 7, 2015 Pam was a special guest on Psycho-Analyst Zev Halpern’s podcast, “Reconnect & Recharge Your Marriage”.  Pam and Zev discussed a number of relationship topics ranging from what constitutes healthy relationships to the darker side of attraction, and why people find it difficult, if not impossible to leave toxic relationships.

July 2015:  Speaking Empire VIP Interview:  In July Pam attended a three-day Speaking Empire Academy in Tampa, Florida.  She was interviewed by Dr. Karen Perkins who wanted to know more about Pam’s businesses, what her expectations were regarding Speaking Empire, and how people could connect with Pam to bring her to their stages. She returned to Florida to work with Dave VanHoose and the Speaking Empire Team in September, and has received certification as a speaker. July 2015:  Pam appeared on the Diamond K Radio Talk Show to discuss her first book, “Is It Love Or Merely A Sick Attachment”, as well as her new novel, “Loving Scott Harrington – Bound By Dark and Dangerous Affections”.  Also on the show Pam the the show’s host, Diamond K, discussed her participation in the African American Authors Expo that took place on August 15, 2015 at the Raddison Hotel located in Timonium, Maryland.

Life Coaching With Pam

Michael Andre Settles on the announcement of his newest business venture:

“Ms. Pamela Reaves, thank you. This is a result of having a relentless and insightful business coach.”

The best decision ever made as we journey 2 our next level is by gaining the guidance & wise counsel offered thru Life Coaching. Trust me, this has been the most amazing quest to self improvement & freedom. There R many life coaches but the BEST & most fulfilling experience has been with our coach (who is also an acclaimed author & relationship magazine columnist) Mrs. Pamela Reaves. This awesome woman is indeed the best investment U can bring N2 ur life. When they say “specialize in results” she is far beyond that….she specializes N leading people 2 breakthroughs setting them up 4 success N every part of life. I strongly encourage U 2 utilize her services.” J. Miller via Facebook

Is It Love? OR Merely a Sick Attachment This is the best book i have ever read in my life, so exciting, hard to stop reading, very interesting, very realistic. THIS BOOK IS AMAZING!! Roberto Sel Millinery
Oakleigh, Australia

“I had such a nice time on Friday, thank you for asking me to stay.

I have been reading the book and I have to say it is compelling, especially the story of Danielle. I am Danielle. You so clearly wrote about even the small details of my early life experience. It honestly took my breath away.

You are so right in that these issues cross social, economic, racial and cultural boundaries.

Best of luck with the book and your other endeavors!”

Diane McQuire

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Book!, August 10, 2011
Suzetta (Baltimore, MD) – See all my reviews
This review is from: Is it Love… or Merely a Sick Attachment? (Perfect Paperback) The term “Sick Attachment” is so very real because I lived it for 10years. After realizing I wasn’t getting the love I was giving, I prayed for a way out (Positive Obstacle), it came and today I am free!

There are so many women who are in dead relationships with false hope because of the “Sick Attachment”. They love their mates but do not receive a portion of that same love. It grieves my heart because they stay and hope and never experience true love. You can’t get love from a “Sick Attachment” as Reaves clearly explains.

Any woman who wonders about that day when she will be loved by her partner, any woman who cries at night in the darkness because her partner isn’t there and should be, and woman who says “one day I’ll be happy” … should read this book! (There are many more example but this is just a few.)

Excellent book!

Hi Pam,
Just catching up with you.  I know you have facebook and cell phone and I also know that you are a busy woman so I am putting in all in an email for you to read at your leisure (which time is getting less and less due to your rising star status!!!).  I enjoyed our dinner and conversation the last time we were together.  I value every word you say as I always have.  You really have always been the perfect model of a successful and strong woman and I often ask myself “What would Pam do?” in many situations. (WWPD – you need to add that to your facebook and hopefully start a blog or discussion link).  I have a feeling that your following is going to grow very quickly and demand that you are available for them.  You should watch Julie and Julia.  Julie had started a blog and it grew very quickly gaining her fame and ultimately fortune.  I see you going to that level in a short period of time so you may want to get your people to set it up now so you don’t get overwhelmed.
I listed your book on my Match account information so that others can link to it from my profile screen.  There is no more appropriate site than Match.com to market this book.

I want to thank you for taking your gifts and sharing them with others.  Your incredible wisdom and strength is something all women will strive to match and we all long for someone like you to guide us in the right direction… Love your little sista,


2011 African American Authors Expo
August 13, 2011
Double Tree Columbia Hotel
Columbia, Maryland

Pam Reaves on WOLB 1010 AM w/ Doni Glover: Is It Love? (BMORENEWS.com : News, video and live radio f
DC-Baltimore based author poses … “Or is it a sick attachment?”

Jody Davis Designs and Pam Reaves, BMORENEWS com, 5 20 11, Baltimore 039
110 W. Saratoga Street boutique in Baltimore http://bmorenews.com/

Ms Pam. Im reading your book and its absolutely fantastic. Im learning so much and looking at things so differently! Can’t wait for your next release!Congrats

Eve Zlotowski

Pastor Obadiah Nguku Kimanzi March 29, 2011 at 11:53am
Re: Hello
Thanks so much in advance for the e version. I will also greatly appreciate the paper back version… I will read the book non stop. You can comfortably announce that the book has reached Africa. God bless you Pam.

Muia Jane, Technical Officer at Ministry of Livestock Development, Nairobi, Kenya

“…We are still doing mobilization to address relationship issues.  Hope one day you will  pay us a visit and hold some seminars.”

Sammy O. Ogama – District Gender & Social Development Officer Kathiani District

“I see Ray of Hope having a capacity to help so many young women to start thriving businesses that will have a ripple effect of creating jobs for others as well as advancing the careers of others who otherwise would have been confined to abject proverty by the Sick Attachment.”