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Pam is the Founder and CEO of NELLA LLC, a Maryland limited liability company. NELLA LLC is the umbrella under which she power coach clients using her signature empowerment tool called TAPS (Transformation, Action, Power, Source). The four pillars of TAPS are the foundation upon which all success and/or greatness are achieved.
Pam’s "WHY" in life is to motivate, inspire, and coach people to live their lives from a Position of Power. She believes that Power Living is key to enjoying a life of abundance. Although her products and services are diverse, all of them are for the purpose of equipping everyone with whom she comes in contact with an arsenal of empowerment tools that guaranty operating from a position of power. Pam believes that power is not reserved for a select few, but rather all of us were created to live abundant lives. One who isn’t afraid to create her own vernacular, her favorite creation is the word "PowerFULL".When it comes to power coaching clients, Pam’s Promise is, "I will not back up, back down, or back out until we break through."

Under the NELLA LLC umbrella, Pam also publishes, as well as promotes her books; delivers power living speeches; and facilitate empowerment seminars. A woman whose humble beginnings are responsible for her vast accomplishments, she is proud of a lengthy corporate career. Pam has worked and thrived in diverse corporate cultures for some of the largest and most powerful national and international companies for over 30 years; has worked directly highly regarded Wall Street senior executives; created peak performing work teams and; is lauded as one of the most aggressive and knowledgeable negotiators in the Corporate Realty Services industry, representing national and international tenants and landlords.

Pam is the Creator of two (2) incredible lifestyle events. The "Annual Power of Love Gala", and "A Sensational Sunday with the Masters".
She has appeared on a number of radio talk shows; Participated as a featured author at a host of cultural events, conferences, author expos and workshops; and has been invited as guest speaker at women's and empowerment conferences and retreats.

When it comes to love, you deserve the best. Accept nothing less than the real thing. ©P. Reaves
Do the right thing - it never comes back to haunt you. ©P. Reaves

Be the best version of you.

The best athletes have coaches, the best dancers have coaches, the best singers have coaches. Call me so that you can start being the best version of you.