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  Books Written by Pam Reaves

SCOTT HARRINGTON is a beguiling slave who wields strange power throughout Gulf, North Carolina. He is as fierce a warrior as the African, Shaka Zulu, and as charismatic and complicated a lover as Giacomo Casanova. Although emancipated by law, dark and dangerous affections hold him captive.

He is perceived as arrogant and distant. His influence over the man who fathered and owns him as a slave is embarrassing. His sexual prowess is irresistible and has proven to be poisonous. He is hated by some, feared by others, and loved by many who are willing to do anything to be close to and loved by him, including resorting to witchcraft and plotting murder.

Scott Harrington's life is the clash between slavery and freedom; love and hate; peace and war; the acceptable practice of Christianity and the taboo practices of Roots, Voodoo, and Witchcraft. Slavery is his point of reference, and he uses it to lure, conquer, control and exact revenge. Love him or hate him; your will never forget him. Buy e-copy of this book now at ($10.00 USD)


Books Written By Pam: Is It Love...Or Merely A Sick Attachment? (Release Date: July 5, 2011)

Are you happy in your current relationship? Are there things about your loved one you wish you could change? Is It Love...Or Merely a Sick Attachment? Discover for yourself in this thought-provoking page-turner.

Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective, and through heart-wrenching short stories and gripping news headlines, author Pam Reaves unmasks the devastating difference between true love and toxic relationships.

This isn't your grandma's love story but a modern-day look at the complications of lustful love brought on by fairy-tale expectations. Scripted TV romances and melodramatic movie magic have jaded our society's perspective on love and helped to raise our overwhelming divorce rates.

Pam provides fictional examples that clearly define for readers what real love is and what just love of an idea is. This straight-talking style of writing will help you gain the courage to right the romantic wrongs in your life and embrace the kind of love that you deserve.

The book is listed and stocked at Ingram/Spring Arbor, the World's largest and best known book distributor, which means as of the Release Date, it will be available in bookstore systems nationwide such as Barnes and Noble, Borders, etc., and on Internet sites such as;;, and many others. Coming soon to this site, as well as to Pam's other website, is the book trailer that will air on national television on networks such as Lifetime, Fox News, Discovery, History Channel, Lifetime, USA Network, CNN Headline News, AMC, and Angel One. “Paperback copies of Is It Love...Or Merely a Sick Attachment can now be purchased at your local Barnes and Nobles bookstore, or online at, or at”

Buy hardback copy of this book now. Buy paperback copy of this book now.

Paperback and e-copies can be purchased at:

Excuse Me, I Am Not the Invisible Woman (In Manuscript)

There is a myth, perpetrated by certain beauty experts, magazine articles, television infomercials, other forms of media, and well-intended advertisements that the older a woman becomes, the more invisible she becomes. With good-natured indignation, Author Pam Reaves responds with her third book, "Excuse Me...I Am Not the Invisible Woman."

Proud to wear the badge of honor bestowed upon her by friends, family, and others who cross her path, in her mid-fifties Pam still carries "That Diva Swag". Contrary to what some would have you believe, her story is not that unusual. There are legions of mature women who regardless of age remain beautiful, bodacious, unforgettable, successful, and desirable. When they walk into a room, it belongs to them. When they come into your life, you never forget them. When they speak, you listen because you know they are the voices of experience, authority, and reason. Once you have been loved by them, you're never the same. Their stories and photographs are showcased in this unforgettable tribute to the mature woman.

Once you have read this book and have had the pleasure of viewing the awesome photographs that capture the essence of these highly visible ladies, you will either: (i) look forward to the day when you qualify to join their exclusive club, if you're a lady approaching the age of concern; (ii) develop a greater appreciation for the magnificent women they've evolved into; or (iii) stop wondering why you're attracted to us when the world tells you that you shouldn't be if you're a younger man. Invisible - Absolutely Not.


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